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Roll of Honour at the Church of St. Nicholas, Bromham, Wiltshire

Roll of Honour
For God, King and Country
To the Heroism of the men and women of this parish
who served in the Great War 1939 ~ 1945
Love Serves

Amor   Aubrey Stanley Hillier   Ernest Victor Powney   Thomas James
Amor   Dennis Vernon Hobbs   Maurice Cecil Read   Cyril Arthur
Austin   Basil Holley   Reginald John Read   Joseph Edgar
Austin   Joy Hosman   Mrs Sylvia Joyce Read   Victor George
Belcher   Donald Peter Hughes   Ernest Ralph Rees   Mrs Elizabeth Ella
Belcher   Frederick John Hughes   Harold Reeves   Ivor
Belcher   Vivian Hughes   Walter Frank Reeves   Joseph
Box   Kenneth Pearce Humphries   Tom Henry John Reeves   Kenneth Reginald
Breach   Ernest Richard Johnstone   Eric George Reeves   Mervyn Fernley
Brewer   James Roy Johnstone   John Nathaniel Rose   Donald Arthur
Brown   Robert Henry John Jones   Edward Rose   Eric Charles
Bryant   Roland George Kelleway   Philip Burrows Sainsbury   Frank
Butler   Dennis Frederick James King   Cyril Levison Sharp   Richard William F.
Butler   George Ernest King   Violet Amelia Shell   Albert Stanley
Butler   William Howard Knapp   Frederick Shell   Frederick
Burchell   Kenneth George Lewis   Peter Charles Shell   Maurice Frederick
Burchell   Ronald Martin   Ernest George Sheppard   Bruce Ivan
Clements   Albert John May   Bruce Charles Sims   Reginald John
Cleverly   Edwin May   Frederick Charles Slinger   Mrs Mary Amelia
Cleverly   Ernest George May   Margaret Edna Smart   Ewart
Cleverly   Frederick Henry May   Ralph Ernest Albert Smart   Elsie Frances
Cleverly   Leonard Percy May   Stratford John Sterland   Colin Paget
Cobb   Arthur Henry Mills   David Stiles   Richard Henry
Cowdry   Gilbert Mills   Frank H. Stokes   Milroy Cecil
Cowdry   Keith Mills   Frederick Alan Stott   Edward Thomas
Davis   Charles Mills   Robert H. Stratton   Herbert George
Drew   William Charles Terrell Mills   Thomas Henry Sutton   George Robert
Fennell   Donald Barton Mills   Walter George Swatton   Harold Arthur
Fennell   Eric Oswald Mills   William James Timbrell   Sydney William
Fennell   Roy Barton Minty   Frederick William Toy   William John
Fillis   Walter John Minty   Ralph John Trueman   Anthony Gordon
Gaby   Walter Frederick Minty   Stanley George Trueman   Eric Ivan
Gardener   Ivor Frederick Mitchell   Frederick Wilmot Turvey   Brian Herbert
Gardener   Roland Charles Morris   Sanuel Arthur Want   Albert Edwin
Gingell   Roland Jack Morse   Frederick Charles James Watts   Donald
Glass   Reginald Osland   Arthur William Watts   Frederick Victor
Golding   Reginald Osland   Frederick John Watts   Walter John
Green   Edward John Osland   Henry George Watts   William James
Gregory   Eric Wilfrid Henry Paget   Allan Lewis Webb   Augustus Lawrence
Haines   Ronald George Paget   Harry Cecil Weston   Norman Leslie
Haines   Stanley James Paget   Hubert Frank Weston   Vivian Alfred
Hancock   Mrs N. M. J. Paget   James Henry Weston   Reginald
Hard   Dennis Malcolm Paget   Joan Wheeler   Albert Ernest G.
Hard   Frederick Herbert Paget   June E. R. Wheeler   Charles
Harding   Herbert Henry Parsons   Harold Wheeler   Graham
Harmsworth   William Perrett   Robert Edward Frank Wheeler   Jack H.
Hawkins   Arthur William Powney   Elizabeth Joan Wickenden   John Clements
Hawkins   Ronald James Powney   Gerald Arthur Wickenden   Leslie Percy A.
Henley   Raymond G. Powney   Herbert Norman Wootton   Norman Wilfred
Henley   Reginald F. Wright   James Charles

Written by Martin Blyth, illuminated by St. John Battersby

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