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 St. James 
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The Church of St. James the Great, Cherhill, Wiltshire, England

Cherhill is a pretty village surrounded by the downs.  Driving through the village one sees old houses mixed with more modern ones, many alongside the pretty stream.  St. James is to one end of the village, and has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

The church of St. James is a Grade II* listed building - more information about the listing can be found at the  Historic England  website.

We enjoyed reading the booklet "Cherhill Village Remembered" (produced by Nancy Grafton and Margery Jenkins) which is a collection of short contributions from villagers who remember 'the olden days', interspersed with old photographs of the village.

The majority of these photographs are images captured from a video camera and are of very poor quality.  We have been back to St. James the Great and taken over 500 new photographs - we just haven't had time to process them and add them to these pages yet.

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Cherhill - photo: 001
Photo No: 001     Size: 374k
Photo Date: February 2002
Cherhill - photo: 002
Photo No: 002     Size: 425k
Photo Date: February 2002
Cherhill - photo: D038
Photo No: D038     Size: 26k
Photo Date: February 2002

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