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The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Kempsford, Gloucestershire

Vicars of Kempsford Church  [taken from a list at the church]

Matthew de Cygony
1196 William de Furnelle
1304 John Gymel
1325 John de Bromholm
xx Richard Hampslap
1356 James Cok
1356 Robert Modecombe
1400 John the Chaplain
1434 John Sutton
1498 Sir John Dursley
1513 William Burghill
1521 William Watkyn
1524 Sir David Vycars
1526 William Clayton
1532 Walter Hatchelet
1538 Sir Humfrey Galimore
1554 Gilbert Bursley
1555 Thomas Allen
1563 Void
1566 Humphry Galimore
1572 Anthony Higgins
1578 John Brooke
1597 Henry Blackborne
1639 Godfrey Goodman
1643 Edward Hitchman
1673 John Scott
1686 Denys Huntington
1711 Thomas Dresser
1714 Joseph Cookson
1716 George Gerrard
1735 Samuel Clarke
1757 John Warren
1761 William Price
1798 William Roskilly
1810 Thomas Huntingford
1855 James R. Woodford
1868 John J. Barlow
1881 Maurice W. F. St. John
1898 Arthur H. Browne
1904 Walter W. A. Butt
1909 Alexander N. Scott
1919 Charles M. Barham
1922 Aubrey B. Mynors
1928 Charles J. B. Webb
1932 Clyde W. Jacob
1935 George T. Caton
1949 Francis H. Lawrence
1955 Eric W. T. Lane
1964 David Watson
1978 John Lugg
1988 John F. Gregory
1998 Michael Cole and John Willard
2004 Brian Atkinson (and another appointment awaited)

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