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 St. Nicholas 
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Church of St. Nicholas, Queenhill, Worcestershire

The Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Queenhill
In the Diocese of Worcester

The First Church at Queenhill is belived to have been
a circular wooden structure.  In 1291 the Saxon Church
was valued with that of Ripple.  Queenhill continued to form
part of the ecclesiastical parish of Ripple until 1863 when
on the death of the Rev. G. H. Clifton it became an independent
Parish.  Prior to 1540 the dead were ferried over to
Ripple for burial.

Date Clergy Position Date Clergy Position
1553 Edward Deynes Curate 1827 E. S. Prior Curate
1609 Thomas Robyns Minister 1832 F. Baugh Curate
1624 John Hardinge Curate 1833 Joseph Hill Grice Curate
1635 Richard Rupp Curate 1834 E. Lane Greer Vicar
1637 William Evans Curate 1835 Joseph Hill Grice Curate
1671 John Hanlon Curate 1836 K. Lane Greer Curate
1686 John Hardinge Curate 1837 Richard Drake Curate
1703 William Smith Curate 1839 G. H. Clifton Rector
1706 John Harper Curate 1859 E. H. M. Stone Vicar
1711 George Hart Curate 1860 H. Cocks Vicar
1717 John Jervis Curate 1861 G. H. Clifton Vicar
1748 Rice Powell Curate 1862 J. C. Lunn Vicar
1749 John Bach Curate 1863 E. H. M. Stone Vicar
1759 John Sandys Curate 1892 W. H. R. Longhurst Canon
1760 Thomas Taylor Rector 1915 H. O. Hubble Canon
1764 John Hargrave Curate 1918 R. H. Willmott Vicar
1765 John Morgan Curate 1919 F. H. P. Higgins Vicar
1767 John Warren Rector 1939 B. H. Green Vicar
1773 William Davies Curate 1954 Lawrence Davies Vicar
1801 Godfrey Goodman Curate 1986 Richard Harding Vicar
1802 H. Baxter Rector 1996 Christopher Moss Vicar
1812 Godfrey Goodman Curate
1813 J. W. Baugh Curate
1818 H. C. Phillpot Curate
1825 C. H. Parker Curate
1826 R. F. Davies Curate

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