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 St. Mary's 
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Rectors of The Church of St. Mary, Wilton, Wiltshire

1305 Thomas de Boyton
1305 Richard Corbyn
1350 Walter Godmaston
1361 John Elisaunder
1402 John Tyssebury
1404 Thomas Atte-Hende
1420 William Hende
1427 Thomas Frytheby
1430 John Horton
1443 John Barbour
1467 Alfred Leyson
1475 Thomas Bayle
1475 John Walker
1487 William Thomas
1487 William Ketylton
1509 Thomas Martyn
1509 Richard Martyn
1523 John Dene
1539 John Byllyng
1571 Thomas Thackham
1571 John Malvard
1593 Robert Parker
1611 Walter Curle
1620 Walter Raleigh
1620 Richard Chandler
1660 Joseph Matthews
1664 Philip Gwyn
1678 Richard Barford
1735 George Conway
1753 Henry Hawes
1759 John Hawes
1788 Henry Hetley
1826 Joseph Stockwell
1840 Charles Amyand Harris

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