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The Annual Strawberry Fayre at Crudwell, Wiltshire

'The Works'

The Annual Strawberry Fayre at Crudwell

Usually held on the second weekend of July

"Imagine it ......... feasting on "The Works".   Crumbly Home-made shortcake moistened with strawberry syrup and covered in luscious juicy strawberries piled high with ice-cream and cream.   Brought to you as you laze in the summer sun in the dappled shade of ancient lime trees which surround the Village Green."

The background to the event is explained in a leaflet:

"Following the Second World War, an English GI bride was befriended by the community of Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, USA.
In return Pat Harding initiated an Annual Strawberry Fayre in the centre of the City, and this has continued to this day, for 35 years.
In 1988, her sister, living in Crudwell, was encouraged to seek grant aid for her local church, from Christ Church, Indianapolis.   This was successful, and contributed to the roof restoration of All Saints, Crudwell.
In return, a Strawberry Fayre was started at Crudwell in 1988, to match the goodwill and community effort of the American gift.
The American event uses some 6.5 tonnes of strawberries in one day, whilst Crudwell has reached a quarter of a tonne during the weekend."

Not only can you enjoy the delicious food (pots of tea also available!), but there is a craft fayre held at the school which sells all sorts of items, from unusual garden ornaments made out of horse shoes to walking sticks to paintings.   The church is open for you to wander around or just sit and listen whilst the organ recitals take place.  In 2001 a Jazz group played, on the Saturday evening, on the village green.

The serious side to this day is to raise money.   Repairs currently being undertaken to the tower will cost £50,000.   That's a lot of money to raise.

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Crudwell - photo: 0306
The menu in 2006
Photo No: 0306     Size: 410k
Photo Date: July 2006
Crudwell - photo: 0305
"The Works"
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Photo Date: July 2006
Crudwell - photo: 0308
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Photo Date: July 2006
Crudwell - photo: 0307
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Photo Date: July 2006
Crudwell - photo: 0309
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Photo Date: July 2006

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