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Rectors of All Saints Church, Crudwell, Wiltshire


(Written in Doomsday Book "CREDWELL" and then writ
"CEDEWELL", which village before the Dissolution of the
Monasteries, belonged to that of Malmesbury, having been on of
the Donations of KING ETHELWULF about the year A.D.850.)


(quorum nomina extant)

Date Rectors Date Rectors
1231 Magister Johannes 1718 George Ingram
1299 William de Laweton 1763 James Gyles
1319 William de Weston 1782 James Wiggett
1361 Thomas de Kynebull 1839 William Maskelyne
1363 Thomas Faynesthorp 1867 Oswald Smith-Bingham
1370 Phillip Reome 1888 William Anslow Sole
1379 Henry Spondon 1899 Henry Kenrick Adkin
1382 William Dolphyn Newham 1909 William Preston Anslow Sole
1425 John Wasseborne 1951 John Francis Holmer Timins
1430 Thomas Monkton 1975 Barry James Freeth
1430 Herman Nye 1982 Kenneth Thomas
1451 William Haselgrove 1984 Brian Phillips
1452 John Drover 1991 Barry Raven
1471 John Myles
1476 Stephen Forster
1478 Richard Machon
1490 William Jonys
1510 Robert Wetewode
1513 Thomas Hall
1527 Thomas Grenow
1530 Robert Grerrish
1554 Richard Penketh
1599 John Bradshawe
1645 Samuel Alsop
1657 William Rathband
1660 Norris Jemson This panel added 1993
1676 Daniel Harford in memory of
1680 John Scamler Lt. Col. S.A. Pitman, TD.
1694 Thomas Shewring Churchwarden 1950 to 1985

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