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 St. James 
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Wiltshire Collections Entry for Dauntsey, Wiltshire

These images (below) are from the book  Wiltshire Collections  by John Aubrey and John Jackson which was published by the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society in 1862.  The book is no longer covered by copyright regulations and the Society is happy for information from the book to be copied, although ask that an acknowledgement to them is placed with the reproduction.

The copyright of these images (but not the information contained in them) is owned by Mandy Ball so they are covered by copyright regulations - see our  copyright conditions  of use.

The original page size is approx. 21cm by 27.5cm (8.5in by 10.8in), the printed area approx. 15cm (6in) wide.
Individual crests (Plates) are less than 3 cm wide, so the quality may appear distorted depending on the size of the screen you are viewing them on.
Dauntsey - photo: 0382
Page 216
Photo No: 0382     Size: 1056k
Dauntsey - photo: 0383
Page 217
Photo No: 0383     Size: 918k
Dauntsey - photo: 0384
Dauntsey, Stradling & Danvers Pedigree
Page 217 insert
Photo No: 0384     Size: 1204k
Dauntsey - photo: 0385
Page 218
Photo No: 0385     Size: 932k
Dauntsey - photo: 0386
Page 219
Photo No: 0386     Size: 1015k
Dauntsey - photo: 0387
Page 220
Photo No: 0387     Size: 1058k
Dauntsey - photo: 0388
Page 221
Photo No: 0388     Size: 1044k
Dauntsey - photo: 0389
Page 222
Photo No: 0389     Size: 957k
Dauntsey - photo: 0390
Page 223
Photo No: 0390     Size: 988k
Dauntsey - photo: 0391
Page 224
Photo No: 0391     Size: 1009k
Dauntsey - photo: 0392
Page 225
Photo No: 0392     Size: 1029k
Dauntsey - photo: 0393
Page 226
Photo No: 0393     Size: 902k
Dauntsey - photo: 0394
Page 227
Photo No: 0394     Size: 1059k
Dauntsey - photo: 0395
Page 228
Photo No: 0395     Size: 921k
Dauntsey - photo: 0396
Photo No: 0396     Size: 988k

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