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 St. James 
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Rectors of The Church of St. James the Great, Dauntsey, Wiltshire

1297 John de Hulle (1) 1659 Robert Davenant (3)
1303 Walter de Colshulle (2) 1674 William Clement
1303 Peter de Coleshulle 1712 Lawrence Brodrick
1323 Nicholas Walrand 1713 Joseph Trapp
1326 Thomas de Daunteseye 1722 Peter Rival
1332 Robert de Daunteseye 1730 Thomas Burgess
1347 Peter de Daunteseye 1750 Robert Atkins
1360 Robert Gerethorp 1757 Francis Marias West
1376 Nicholas Perkyn 1800 George Bissett
1379 Richard Scut 1824 George Augustus Biedermann
1393 Nicholas Steere 1859 William Edward Elwell
1405 William Cervyngton 1875 Arthur Law
1418 Walter Leye 1915 Arthur Robert Law
1420 John Fairest 1924 William Henry Tozer
1432 William Bristow 1938 Thomas Curgenven Robinson
1465 John Jonys 1956-1961 Vacant
1503 John Danyell 1961 Godfrey Charles Wallis
1508 Richard Walker 1972 George Edward Boocock
1517 John Gardyner 1974 Christopher Lang Sutch
1547 John Robynson 1987 Derek Ormston
1611 Elias Woodroofe
1642 Richard Chessire

1.  John de Hulle was instituted before the year 1297 but dates before that time are not recoverable.
2.  Walter de Coleshulle was made Archdeacon of Wiltshire in the same year.
3.  Actual date in institution of Robert Davenant is uncertain as the Bishop’s Register is deficient from 1648 to 1660.


a.  The Bishops’ Register is lost from 1584 to 1591 and from 1597 to 1598.
b.  The above dates were extracted from the Bishop’s Register of the Diocese of Sarum (Salisbury) with the exception of the later ones which are to be found in the Parish Registers.

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