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Malmesbury Abbey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire


Date Name
c640 Maeldulph     Established a Celtic cell in Malmesbury
676 Aldhelm     Founded Benedictine Monastery in Malmesbury
709 Daniel
746 Aldhelm
780 Cuthbert

In the year 878 the Danish 'Great Army' over-ran most of the Kingdom of Wessex including Malmesbury.  It is believed the Monastery ceased to function under the Benedictine Rule and was in the care of 'Clerks' until being re-established by Dunstan (Archbishop of Canterbury) during the third quarter of the 10th century.

974 Elfric
977 Ethelwerd
982 Cyneward
1057 Brithric
1068 Turald
1070 Warin de Lira
1081 Godfrey Gemeticensis
1105 Edulf     deposed by Roger, Bishop of Salisbury
1118 Roger de Caen     Bishop of Salisbury
1140 John
1141 Peter
1159 Gregory
1174 Robert
1180 Osbert Foliot
1182 Nicholas     deposed
1187 Robert de Melun
1205 Walter Loring
1222 John Wallensis
1246 Jeffry
1260 William de Colern
1296 William de Badminton
1324 Adam de la Hooke
1340 John de Tintern
1348 Simon de Aumeney
1360 Walter Camme
1396 Thomas de Chelesworth
1424 Robert Persore
1434 Thomas Bristow
1456 John Andover
1462 John Aylee
1479 Thomas Olveston
1509 Robert Frampton
by whom, on the 15th December 1539, the Abbey was surrendered to the Commissioners of Henry VIII.

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