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 Christ Church 
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Memorials at Christ Church, Swindon, Wiltshire

Many of the photographs we have of these memorials unfortunately are not very good.  The inside of Christ Church is rather dark which means either having a dull photograph where detail is difficult to see, or using a flash and having its reflection in the photograph.

There are many chairs in Christ Church which have been donated 'In Memory' of someone and a plaque put on the chair; we have managed to photograph some of these plaques and included them on these pages, but again we had trouble photographing them and some are blurred.  We shall endevour to return and re-take these substandard photographs.

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Swindon - photo: D1385
Ethel May
Photo No: D1385     Size: 48k
Photo Date: April 2001
Swindon - photo: D1386
Jack M.
Photo No: D1386     Size: 39k
Photo Date: April 2001

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